Kiwi Wheatbags Story...

In 2005 we each got roped into making costumes for our children's primary school production. Amongst the grasshopper, caterpillar, flowers and bee costumes It didn't take long for us to realise we had a shared passion for handcraft, fabric, tea, coffee and caramel slice... thus a firm friendship was born. Over time the costumes became wheat bags, and the casual sewing became a small business.

Kiwi Wheatbags officially began in 2007 supplying a few local pharmacies with our handcrafted wheat bags. Like our children, our business has slowly and steadily grown over the years, and our wheat bags are now available at various stores nationwide and on our website.

We constantly work towards developing our product range. We take great pride in producing a top quality product, work to maintain our high standards and keep our fabric range fresh and up to date.

One thing we have learnt over the last decade is that businesses, like friendships, can get better and stronger with age.

NZ Fern Wheat Bag | NZ Fern Heat Pack
Black Spot Wheat Bag | Black Spot Heat Pack

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