Pink Ribbon Fundraiser Wheat Bag


Packaging:Zig Zag Ribbon Wrapped

In support of the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation, $2 from the sale of each of these wheat bags will be donated to the BCFNZ.  

These come wrapped in pink ribbon or a pink ribbon belly band with a breast cancer information booklet tucked inside (alongside the heating/cooling instructions). 

Our standard three segmented cotton wheat bag is the most popular and versatile wheat bag in our range, and moulds easily to all areas of the body

Hand Made in New Zealand

  •     100% Cotton Fabric
  •     Size: 48cm x 14 cm
  •     Warm in the microwave to use as a heat pack
  •     Chill in the freezer to use as a cold pack
  •     3 Pockets for even wheat and heat distribution

Naturally Relieves and Soothes

  •     Muscle & joint stiffness
  •     Sports injuries, sprains & strains
  •     Tension & Stress
  •     Period pain
  •     Insect bites, minor burns
  •     Toothaches, headaches & migraines

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