Buckwheat Wearable Wheat Bag


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This wheat bag is exactly the same as our Wearable Wheat Bag, only filled with Buckwheat instead of premium wheat.  Buckwheat is safe to use if you are intolerant or allergic to wheat.  It is also 30 percent lighter than premium wheat, so is ideal if you are wanting a lighter option.

Our Buckwheat Wearable Wheat Bag is the perfect wheat bag for busy people... wear it while you are on the go at work or at home.  The Kiwi Wheat Bags Buckwheat Wearable Wheat Bag is super comfortable, lightweight, and designed so it will stay in place whilst you go about your day.
It fits comfortably around the waist, but is versatile enough to be used any where you have aches and pains. Wear it around the back to alleviate lower back and kidney pain, around the front to soothe sore tummies, menstrual pain and endometriosis, or sling it over your shoulder... the possibilities are endless

Hand crafted in New Zealand from 100% cotton fabric and filled with locally sourced buckwheat.  Our Buckwheat Wearable Wheat Bags have 16 individual panels sewn into them to evenly distribute the buckwheat with fully adjustable strong Velcro to hold your wearable wheat bag in place.

Microwave to use warm or freeze for use as a wearable cold pack.

One size fits most... the adjustable strap fits waists measuring from 75cm to 120cm (if you require a smaller or larger than this, please contact us to discuss your requirements).

Approximate weight: 900 grams

SKU: 10000-52-2

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