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Life can be stressful, one way to alleviate stress is through relaxation.  Our Kiwi Wheatbags relaxation Gift Pack is the perfect way to de-stress after a busy day, and the perfect gift for that person that deserves a little pampering.

Our Kiwi Wheat Bags Relaxation Gift Pack Includes...

A Kiwi Wheat Bags Cotton Wheat Bag (Ribbon Wrapped), A Kiwi Wheat Bags Eye Wheat Bag and a Relaxing Balm infused with Sweet Orange and Lavender (100gm) - All proudly made in New Zealand.

Kiwi Wheat Bags Cotton Wheat Bags are handcrafted in New Zealand from locally grown wheat and beautiful Cotton Fabric. The natural cotton fabric absorbs moisture vapour, enhancing the comfort of the wheat bag. Our cotton wheat bags feature three pockets for even wheat and heat distribution, and are great for draping around the neck, wrapping around limbs, or warming areas of the body.

Kiwi Wheat Bags Cotton Eye Wheat Bags are the perfect eye soother and fantastic for use in beauty treatments. They provide migraine relief, and are often recommended by optometrists and eye specialists to aid in the treatment of many common eye conditions.

The blend of lavender and sweet orange essential oils in our Relaxing Balm aids recovery of headaches, hypertension, insomnia, nervous tension, stress disorders and smells divine too! Lavender is also cytophylactic (aids the regeneration of skin cells).

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