Handwarmer Gift Pack


Lavender (wheat bag only):Yes

The perfect winter warmer gift pack, send the gift of warmth and comfort.

Our Handwarmer Gift Pack contains...

A Kiwi Wheat Bags Cotton Wheat Bag, handcrafted in New Zealand from locally grown wheat and beautiful Cotton Fabric. The natural cotton fabric absorbs moisture vapour, enhancing the comfort of the wheat bag. Our cotton wheat bags feature three pockets for even wheat and heat distribution, and are great for draping around the neck, wrapping around limbs, or warming areas of the body. 

Our hand warmers soothe stiffness in fingers associated with arthritis and encourages circulation.  They warm cold hands and are especially great for sufferers of Raynaud's.  Perfect for popping in your coat pockets along with your hands when standing alongside the sports field on chilly days, when embarking on an early morning walk or a day in the snow.  Some even like to pop them inside their mittens.

**Optional lavender can be added to the wheat bag, handwarmers do not contain lavender.

Each Wheat Bag comes with heating/cooling instructions. 

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