Natural Heat Relief

Wheat is an amazing temperature conductor so when you heat your wheat bag up in the microwave the wheat gets nice and warm and stays warm for up to an hour.

Placing your warm heat pack onto your sore muscles encourages the blood vessels to open allowing blood flow to increase. Toxins and damaged cells are flushed away and oxygen and beneficial nutrients flood into the area reducing pain and speeding up the healing process.

heat pack nz

Heat also stimulates your sensory receptors to block the transmission of pain signals to the brain resulting in an instant and effective natural pain relief. 

Kiwi Wheat bags are segmented or channeled to allow for even wheat distribution and can be used around sore joints, draped over tight shoulders, sore tummies and backs.

Instant cool pack

You can chill your wheat bag in the freezer. Just pop it into a container or a plastic bag and chill for around 40 minutes …if you are prone to sports injuries or have little ones around so you often have bumps and bruises to deal with forget the frozen peas and keep a wheat bag in a sealed container in the freezer so it will always be on hand.

Place your cold pack on the sore, inflamed area, this immediately reduces blood flow to the injured area helping to reduce swelling, acting as a pain killer by numbing the area and decreasing tissue damage.

wheat bag nz

The frozen wheat is inside its own cotton bag so no need to find a t-towel or paper towels to wrap your cool pack with, it’s ready to use and will flow and mould around the area to be treated with ease.


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